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    Workspaces Service Catalog Text Size Display Options

    ttippett Rookie



      We are designing our service catalog in Workspaces and are wondering if there are any options we have to modify how the text is displayed on the Catalog Hierarchy levels?  We're finding that our title names are too long and are being truncated with (...) instead of going to another line.  We are also seeing they are left-aligned instead of center-aligned.  Do we have any ability to modify how this text appears?


      Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about:WorkspacesServiceCatalog.jpg


      As you can see, "Communications & Collaboration" and three other categories have been cut off.  We're worried this looks sloppy and will be confusing to our End Users.  Slightly less important, but still mentioned by management, is that looking at "Accounts & Access" and "Procurement", you can see that they are left-aligned and might look better centered.


      Any solutions or workarounds would be greatly appreciated.  For reference, we are on version 2017.1.