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    Jira integration with HEAT 2016

    DeWetTheHitmanBarry Rookie

      We have a requirement to investigate whether HEAT 2016 can integrate with Jira v7


      I have looked into the current " free " application plugin via the Heat AppStore called Ticket Sharing and Synchronization and it appears to offer some level of flexibility with regards to the sharing of HEATSM Incidents as issues in Jira including attachments and comments.


      Is there perhaps any other companies which are currently using this plugin and what is the feedback on this?


      The other alternative option, I came across through raising the question with Atlassian support was using a vendor Integration tool through Go2Group called Connectall which appears to do roughly the same thing as the HEAT plugin, except this is a licensed application which costs $13000/YR




      Will there be further development on the Ticket Sharing application from HEAT going forward and if so what is the roadmap?