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    Adding multiple filters


      How do I add another filter to a query that would act as an OR

      For instance I would like to have a filter that shows the type to be equal to "virtual server" OR "server"


      When I add multiple filters it gives me nothing. If I only do one filter it gives me results but then I have multiple reports. This is based on a Reboot Needed standard query.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Point 1 - If you're doing something as simple as that, you COULD just create a simple Query (in the Console) with a simple filter of the following quasi-code:


          Computer.Device Type == Blah

          OR Computer.Device Type == BlahBlahBlah


          ... run that query and either "view as a report" (for a one-off) or create a report based on the LDMS query (New report - use LDMS query for the report).



          Point 2:

          Inside the reporting tool (for filters), you've got the "IN" Operator for "must be in one of these..." options.


          EQUALS is one of those "Must be X and ONLY X". Whereas if you want muliple options ... that's what you use the "IN" operator for.


          Simple .


          Sounds like you may not be familiar with SQL potentially - in which case I'd strongly advise your boss to get you signed off on getting some SQL training (basic stuff, you don't need to become a DB admin). Understanding how SQL queries work & such will help you greatly with reporting ... as it's built on SQL .


          Hope that helps.