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    Survey Results Tab


      Hi guys,

      When a user start a Survey and choses the last option that has a textbox to be filled in (see screenshot below), then the user clicks on the Submit button.

      When I view the user's reply from the Survey Results tab, the text entered by the user "Testing" does not show on the SurveyResult tab under Answer Text. The only thing that shows is the label "Other" and not the value "Testing".

      Any idea how to show the value entered in the textbox please?

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          Hi Benoit,


          I found the text is stored in the FRS_SurveyAnswer object, VerbatimText field. I would suggest that the best way to access this would be using a Report.


          It could be worthwhile to open an Incident with support and request that this text be exposed in the Survey child panel on Incident & Service Request, as there is currently no easy way to see this data.


          Hope this helps!