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    Not able to Patch with Ivanti 2017.1 Mac Agent

    dholland1 Apprentice

      We recently upgraded from LDMS 2016.3 to IEM 2017.1 and ever since the upgrade we have not been able to successfully push out any patches when the Mac has the latest agent installed. If I have the 2016.3 agent installed I am able to push out any patch and it will successfully install and report back to the server that it did so. If on the same computer I upgrade the agent to 2017.1 then it will not install any patch that is pushed. I first noticed the issue when trying to push out the FileVault Activation patch. Sometimes when I push out a patch to a Mac with the 2017.1 agent it will report back to the server as successful but nothing will have been installed or applied. I tried to take a look at the logs using How To: Gather Log Files for Mac using the Terminal and even though it said that it needed the patch it would not install it and the report back to the server as no patches needed. Is there something that I might have setup or configured wrong after the update?