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    How to Import Users and Datapolicies to new xtraction server

    grgbcb Apprentice

      Hello All,


      We already have a xtraction server in use without enterprise license (cannot create add views and data sources). Hence we are are trying to set up a new xtraction server with enterprise license. We have already done all the initial configurations (connecting to DB, copying Datamodel from old server,  etc). and xtraction in up and running.


      The issue we are facing is regarding importing the data and users from our Existing xtraction server.



      We are able to import all the folder data, but since the users and data policies are not configured in the new Server, those folders will be of no use. And its not possible to create users and data policies  manually and then assigning those policies manually to hundreds of folders. Hence we need assistance for migrating the folder data keeping the data policies and migrating all the users and their permissions.


      Any Leads will be appreciated.