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    ServiceNow Integration with IEM

    jpcorzo_Chen Rookie

      Hello everyone, we have recently implemented IEM in our environment and would like to integrate it with our ServiceNow platform for asset management. Has anyone attempted integrating their serviceNow environment to get asset information from LDMS/IEM ?


      Thank you

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Based on the lack of response, I assume the answer isn't much beyond a "no".


          However, it's fairly straight forward to move data one way or another (from IEM into the SD or vice versa).


          From "our" side of things, this will be a good starting point:

          - Getting Started with the MBSDK (Example Scripts Included)


          The MBSDK (and the 'new' REST-ful www-services via LDAPI) allow API-based query / "actions" of stuff -- but it's equally possible to prod the DB directly.


          No idea about capabilities (or lackthereof) from ServiceNow - you'd need to poke their guys.


          Chances are likely that you'd need a specialist (i.e. partner / consultant / whatnot) in some form from both sides of the fence, as it were, and sit down with you to figure out what needs to go from where to where ... and based on that, figure out which "how" works best for you.

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            jpcorzo_Chen Rookie

            Thank you for the response @phoffmann . I'm going to look at the MBSDK and get with our ServiceNow admin. I'm sure this could help us get what we need.