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    Installing older update.


      We just purchased Protect.  Is it possible to install an older update that has been superseded?  We have an application in three departments that uses Java.  Because the vendor puts the shortcut on the user desktop, users use multiple computers and the Java version number is embedded in the shortcut target, coordinating the versions is critical.  To keep everything coordinated we only update Java every so often.


      We were going to use software distribution to update to 8.131.  When we ran the scan today, 8.141 was downloaded to our Protect server, so that is what software distribution is now showing up.  The vendor has alerted us not to use 8.141 because of issues.  Is there a way to do the update to 8.131 even though it's not what shows in the software distribution scan?


      Thank you.


      Ken Kemp

      Eddy County of NM