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    note Type


      Does any one know how to retrieve the highlighted field from landesk attributes for custom made reports?




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          John Haddad Expert

          Hi Vid,


          under Notes collection you will find it




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            Thanks, but i tried it and i do not find which navigation i get the notes collection. can you help  please ?


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              John Haddad Expert

              you can add it from query designer using console instead of web access


              you can't fine Notes collection in this screenshot ?





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                Unfortunately not, i am not able to find it. If you can help me under which main and sub category of navigation i might fine, i will try and let you know.

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                  John Haddad Expert

                  Hi Again,


                  its fine i will explain it for you :


                  open query designer in console ,
                  open the query you have recently created and you want to add ( Note type ) into it:


                  navigate until you find the notes , if ( Note Type ) is under Notes you can drag it into query


                  elseif its already inside incidents you have to make relation between this business object with incident , from Object Designer under incident management
                  you have to search for ( Notes Type ) and drag it into incident Business Object
                  then you will be able to find it in query .





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                    I see it well explained. But i do not have access to query and report designed. I extract my reports as below steps:


                    Select the attributes i want:


                    then re arrange it and export it .csv.


                    On the current production system i have access only to do this.

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                      John Haddad Expert

                      Hi ,

                      ya i don't think this is possible through Web desk , cause you need to map ( relation ) from Note Type to Incidents ( one to one )
                      then you will be able to see it in Webdesk query.




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                        Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

                        Because your screenshot is showing the "Notes" tab I think the first thing to check here is what field it actually is purporting to be; just because it is called "Note Type" that doesn't actually mean that is what it actually is, as it is more likely just the case that the column title has been renamed.


                        So first check it to look in Object Designer, look at the NOTES object and check the query setup as the "Default Query".  Now open this query in Query and Report Designer and check the properties of the NOTE TYPE column;  it seems a tad spooky to me the Note Type looks to be very similar to the Incident Status!! :0)   Anyway you should be able to check where this attribute is located.  If it is in fact a physical object on the NOTES object then you wouldn't be able to get at that attribute via a query designed on the top level Incident object (as this is a one-to-many "collection" relationship)  directly.  If you want to do that then create a query based on the NOTES object directly.