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    Knowledge articles - how to see an easy count of links


      Hello there,

      I would like to add a "Linked Count" column within within the Knowledge area that shows the number of Incidents links for each article.


      Right now, I can see that number when viewing individual articles:





      Our present configuration displays a "View Count," but not a "Linked Count":




      However, I'd like to see that number in a column view so that - at a glance - I could see which articles are used most.


      I much appreciate any ideas from the community.




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          Hi Donald,


          Here's a configuration option to try:


          1. Create a new field on FRS_Knowledge: Number, called IncidentCount (with 0 precision)

          2. Create a new business rule on FRS_Knowledge, based on the following events:

          • On Insert

          • On Update

          • On Creation of a Specific Relationship > IncidentAssocFRS_Knowledge

          • Rule Action • Update Object

          • Set IncidentCount to $(ChildFold("FRS_Knowledge#", RecId,  "Incident#", “1”,+"))
          3. Place the IncidentCount field in your Knowledge grid/list, and it should display the number of Incidents linked to the article


          Note that the IncidentCount field will be empty on existing Knowledge articles until each record is updated and saved at least once.

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            BMarth1 Rookie


            Thanks for sharing the business rule.  Have you found a way to show the count of linked incidents on the grid for all existing incidents that have were linked prior to implementing the new business rule?

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              BSchad Rookie

              We were able to find a solution by implementing the steps below:


              1. Create a new number field with 0 precision on the Knowledge Business Object.

              2. Create a new Update Object quick action on the Knowledge module

                     - Update the field created in step 1 with the following: $(Number(ChildFold("FRS_Knowledge#", RecId, "Incident#.", 1, "+") + ChildFold("FRS_Knowledge#", RecId, "ServiceReq#.ServiceReqAssocFRS_Knowledge", 1, "+")))

                     - set up a workflow to do a run for search to find all the knowledge articles to update and have it execute the quick action.

              3. Create new Business rules to increment/decrement the filed created in step 1 when the Relationship Event is Linked/Unlinked