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    Template for a PIR?

    wynnb Specialist

      Most changes in our environment are such that we could use a quick way to create a standard PIR - for example, if they select 'Success' or 'Failed' for the implementation result, I want to autofill several other fields based on that selection. I've tried several things, but have hit a wall. The last thing I tried was a composite action in Change: the first step is a copy of the New PIR action, and the second step was a RunForChild that called an Update Object action in PIR to fill in the Implementation Result, Status, Synopsis and Start/End dates (pulled from the Change record). Unfortunately, that second step does nothing - I see a new PIR record, but all fields are blank.


      I've also tried creating Triggered, Initialization, and Editing rules in PIR, but nothing actually fills in the fields.


      On a side note, the Help files for PIR seem to be incorrect. They state that the start/end dates are for the review - but all the built-in reports use those for the change duration. They also state that the Status field in PIR is the status of the Change, but they look more like the status levels of the review. Is that correct?


      Any help or ideas are appreciated.