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    What is the URL for an alert ruleset?

    jkhill Specialist

      Typically, if I want to edit an alert ruleset, I launch the remote console, right-click on the ruleset and click Edit.  That launches my browser and presents a page that was written for Adobe Flash.


      I'm not allowed to put Flash on my servers, and I'm in the process of building a new core but am not far enough along yet that I can abandon the 9.6 SP1 agent or remote console installed on my desktop.  When I click Edit on an alert on the remote console installed on my core, it takes me to https://<core>/remote/eventing/console.html?ecid=1&root=eventing , which tells me I need Flash to continue.  But that's not the URL for, for example, the Core Alert Ruleset.  I would like to be able to launch a specific URL from my desktop that would show me the Core Alert ruleset so I can compare it to the one I have in Prod.


      So, to boil the question down:  is there a way to edit an alert ruleset if you don't have the remote console installed on your PC? 


      For now I guess my only option is to export both rulesets to .ldms and use Windiff to compare them.