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    Help, I need to uninstall McAfee


      We are switching virus scan software so I was asked to uninstall McAfee from all the machines on the network. I would just make an uninstall package, however we are running McAfee versions 7.0, 8.0, 8.5 and 8.7 so I don't know how to do it with multiple versions. Should I just make 4 different uninstall packages for the 4 different versions? or would there be an easier way to get this done? Let me know if you have any suggestions, thanks.



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          zman Master

          So if you are removing you are probably going to be installing another product (e.g., LANDesk, Norton, etc...) Many of these vendors have uninstallers for other products, you just need to ask them.  If you have Security and Patch, I think there might be a mega uninstaller is there. If not then you are going to have to write something since Mcafee's mega uninstaller is only for consumer products. Basically something like this:


          :: Simple version
          :: remove the framework first
          "c:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework\frminst.exe" /SILENT /remove=agent
          "c:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework\frminst.exe" /SILENT /forceuninstall
          :: Remove Mcafee - Find the correct MSI PIDs and run them here - Get from appdeploy or elsewhere.
          :: 8ish
          MsiExec /I{35C03C04-3F1F-42C2-A989-A757EE691F65} REMOVE=ALL REBOOT=R /q
          msiexec /x {35C03C04-3F1F-42C2-A989-A757EE691F65} REMOVE=ALL REBOOT=R /q

          Of course you can scrip it in Autoit/VB with all kind of logic. I prefer one script to do it all.

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            ahe Expert

            Hello Dave,


            I would change the hard coded path "c:\Program Files\..." to "%ProgramFiles%..." and check the existence before:


            if exist "%ProgramFiles%\McAfee\Common Framework\frminst.exe" "%ProgramFiles%\McAfee\Common Framework\frminst.exe" /SILENT /remove=agent


            or with AutoIT (source not tested):

            $instpath = RegRead("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Network Associates\TVD\Shard Components\Framework", "Installed Path")
            if @error then
                 RunWait($instpath &"\frminst.exe /SILENT /remove=agent")
                 exit @error




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              Hi Tom


              I have done this myself. We went from Mcafee to LANDesk AV.


              There are a few ways to do.


              1. You can create a batch file and deploy it. My batch file simply had these 2 commands


              msiexec /uninstall "C:\Program Files\McAfee\VirusScan Enterprise\RepairCache\vse850.msi" /qn

              "C:\Program files\McAfee\Common Framework\FrmInst.exe" /Remove=Agent /Silent


              2. LANDesk is meant to auto detect and disable one of the AV's to ensure there is no confilct. This was okay is about 80% of cases. The other 20% i had problems with. I wouldnt rely on this method.


              3. If you are using ePolicy Orchestrator, you can actually get the agent to remove itsself completely through their cosole and push it out organisation wide. I found this to be the best way to do it combined with Method no 1. for immediate ones.


              Point to note: Just be careful of  the Host Intrusion Prevention uninstall. I found it to be a bit messy and if it doesnt work properly it will not allow the mcafee agent to uninstall.