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    Request Offering - Visible Expression


      We have a validated List (called Applications) in the Request Offering form that pulls it's data once a Line of Business and Role are selected.

      We have another list (called Options) that we want hidden until a specific item from the Applications List is selected.


      For some reason, we cannot get the Options list to show up when an item is selected from the Applications list; so, what we have done is created a Text Area and set the Trigger to 'Applications' and the Value to '[This#Form]Applications'.

      Doing this inputs any item selected from the Applications list, into the Text Area field. Each item is separated by ~^ within the Text Area.

      Example: Application 1, 3, and 2 are selected and would show up as Application1~^Application3~^Application2.

      We were able to get the Options list to show up by putting the following into the Visibility field of the Options list, but it only shows up if the specific Application is selected. If 2 or more are selected then it disappears. The code is below, adding ~^ to the expression or || doesn't make a difference.

      Visibility Code:

      if [This#Form]textarea == "TS2" then true else false


      We are looking for a way to use the above expression, but instead of == is there an operator, or other, that is equivalent to LIKE, CONTAINS, MATCH, FIND, etc...?

      When trying to put in functions they don't work and always say "Unexpected function name in expression: isRegexMatch" (or along those lines); otherwise, we've tried this and it throws the error:

      $(if isRegexMatch([This#Form]textarea, /Application 2/i) then true else false)

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          keifer2008 Apprentice



          I would like know if there exists some documentation on this type of syntax: [This#Form]? I notice a few responders on this community use these syntax's yet I can never find them when searching through the help guide or community kb's. Perhaps i'm not using the search correctly. Or is the use of these syntax and how they work a secret?

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            Hi Keifer,

            I'm not sure if they show up anywhere else in HEAT, but in Request Offering when adding one of the form fields to an expression, the system automatically adds them in.

            For example, below is the 'Default Value' section of a Text Area field within my Request Offering form. By double clicking on a field from the right (i.e. Start Date, First name), it will show up on the left side with "[This#Form]StartDate" or "[This#Form]Firstname". (see below. I added one calls Applications and it shows up as "[This#Form]Applications".


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              Hi posborne,


              You can use the Find() function in your expression to do what you need.




              I created a List called Application:



              I create a List called Options:



              I set the Visibility Expression on Options to:


              if Find("TS2",  Applications) != -1 then true else false



              When I go to the Service Catalog and open the Request Offering, the Options list is not visible. If I select TS1 it's still not visible, ...



              ...but when I select TS2 it becomes visible.



              Hope this helps!

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                Hi Terry,

                We tried this and it resulted in an error upon opening previewing the form.


                Error: "unexpected function name in expression: Find"


                The version of HEAT we use is  2014.3.1001.10 @ 1/7/2015, if that helps. We don't have support, so looking for any way possible that doesn't require a 'function' to be used. :s

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                  AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

                  What version of ISM (HEAT SM) are you running?


                  I have a feeling that new commands were added for Request Offering expressions in 2016.x.  Terry is probably testing in the latest release 2017.1.1 or 2016.2.x


                  Post you workings if possible so we can try to help.

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                    The version is 2014.3.1001.10 @ 1/7/2015.



                    This is a Validation List. We pull from a pick list called 'Applications_List', which has 2 constraints. The Client must be selected to populate the Role, then the Role is selected to populate the Applications.

                    This works without any issues.


                    Text Area 6:This is a text field used for Option List's visibility expression. This text area field is triggered by 'Applications' and the value is whatever is selected, in the order it is selected.

                    For example, if we select TS1, TS3, TS2 in the Applications field, then it would show in the text area as TS1~^TS3~^TS2.


                    Option List:

                    This works only if TS2 is the only option selected. If you select more then it disappears because it no longer equals TS2.

                    This doesn't work when pointing to Applications, which is why we added the text area.



                    1. Select the Client

                    2. Select the Role

                    3. Select a few of the now listed applications, and they show up in that order on the Text Area 6. The Options List field doesn't show up unless only TS2 is selected.

                    If using the expression Terry provided, it results in the error below.



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                      AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

                      The newer functions (including Find) will not work in 2014.3, can you upgrade to a newer version?  (on a side note I would recommend it given that the upgrades are incremental it could be a big job if you leave it too long as we are now on 2017.1.1.)


                      I will see if I can find anything in my notes but here is the original thread discussing this functionality: Multi-Select (List) fields in Service Requests


                      The only option I can think of is a multi line if statement:

                      if [This#Form]List1 == 'TS2' then true else

                           if This#Form]List1 == 'TS1~^TS2' then true else

                                 if This#Form]List1 == 'TS1~^TS2#^TS3' then true else....etc.


                      But that will get messy if you have more than a few options.

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