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    LANRev Issue

    ScottRCSD Rookie

      Since updating LANRev (server and clients) to 7.3.1 I have been having issues with clients in groups not receiving Profile or Software installs.

      7.0 clients seem to be getting them, and the occasional 7.3.1, but nothing in groups I have created.


      I have deleted old groups in case that may have caused the issue. I am having issues with older machines and brand new machines.

      I can manually push the installs, but items in the auto-install and auto-install/auto-remove are not working.


      Machines are Mac, running 10.9 and 10.10, however devices that are working are also 10.9. and 10.10.  I'm completely lost here.


      Anything I should be checking? Any other info that could be helpful?

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          If you are satisfied that the computers in question are in an appropriate group and the licence is specified correctly based upon user or device, then I would suggest, if you haven't already, to raise a support incident.  It is likely that debug logging is going to be required to review this, since you have an inconsistent experience.

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            ScottRCSD Rookie

            So, out of the blue last week, the machines suddenly started getting the profiles again.

            Nothing changed on the computer image or on our LANRev server.

            They just started working again.