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    postevent processing with post back


      Using the postevent.exe commands provided by Ivanti is there any way to get a post back without using email?

      We have written code to send the data to landesk using the postevent.exe command, however would like a post back with the ticket number.   Using the process to send an email back is not the most efficient way for us to set this up, wonder if anyone has set this up using a system post back somehow.   Wondering if it would require writing custom API?   Thanks

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          andreas.lindner Expert

          Hi rs090,


          sure there is, but it depends a little bit on your process and at what stage you're trying to get the ID from the Service Desk back to the other system.

          Be warned, if you're trying to open a new ticket using the other system, and you want to get back the ID immediately, this might not work. As the ID will be calculated immediately after saving the process, there is a runtime problem at the start between the big black start dot and your first status.


          You will want to use the behavior called "Web Service", that will call a configurable web service if the action is carried out in your process.

          Have a look at the help from Ivanti: https://help.ivanti.com/docs/help/en_US/LDSD/11.0/Default.htm#011 Event Manager/LinkLPMWebService.htm#kanchor390


          Here is a short description how to do it in your Incident Domain (works in every other domain the same way):

          1. Create a new Business Object and select the behavior "Web Service".
          2. Add new attributes to your object, to save the information you want to hand over (e.g. Details for text, ProcessGUID for the GUID, etc.).
          3. Create a new collection in your Incident of the new object.
          4. After saving add a new action to the collection in the Incident object.
          5. Configure the WebService using the Object Designer.
          6. Use the automatic action in your process.


          That should do the trick.

          Let us know if it works!



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            Hi Andreas thank you for the information, your post is very helpful and I'm trying to walk through this using the examples provided.   When setting up the WebService object in object designer the .xml for the listener methods have me confused.   I keep seeing LPM landesk process manager (asset manager), I'm not sure what that is exactly, however in my framework install the only .asmx that contains any methods that resemble a ticket update is dataservice.asmx, the example refer to a listenerservice .    Is there another piece needs outside of service desk we are needing or do we need to create a custom .asmx file?   Thanks

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              andreas.lindner Expert



              it would be helpful if I know what software is calling the inbound web service of your Service Desk and if it is the same software that needs the information sent back from the Service Desk.

              There should be an .asmx or similar file, that you can call from your Service Desk and that contains the information for the web service.




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                They were planning on using custom JavaScript to pass the variable's over through the postevent.exe command, however I'm not sure what system the alerts they are generating are coming from.   If I understand though I would use the .asmx file from their system and place that in my framework folder to call from?

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                  andreas.lindner Expert

                  Yes, that is about right. If the system, you want to send back the info to, provides a webservice, there should be some asmx-file or similar, that defines the web service.

                  So the receiving system should provide the info.



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                    Thank you for the guidance and taking time to document these steps.   They have been helpful to us and I'm sure will be to others who read the post in the future.   Much appreciated.