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    Upgrading the database and OOTB

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      I have an environment where I have a clean 2016.4 OOTB console I can run.  This is for reference, so I can always compare what I've added in development and production, against the OOTB database.  I've upgraded my production system from 7.8 to 2016.4.  I've upgraded my database according to the documents.  I thought the upgrade process would bring my production database up to the OOTB DB plus keep everything I've added.  That doesn't seem to be the case?


      For instance, my OOTB DB shows the following for the object Change Management->Approvals

      My production Change Management->Approvals object shows this:

      I haven't modified this business object in production, so shouldn't these be the same?

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          There have been a lot of changes and new functionality added since 7.8.  Naturally, you will not see the same exact thing if you have one database that came from 7.8 to 2016.4, and another database that is the official 2016.4 OOTB database.  You may be under the impression that anything not present in the upgraded production database should now be present, correct?  This will not be the case because of data integrity.  Customers modify their databases quite differently, so adding a lot of new attributes or relationships (as you can see in the newer, OOTB 2016.4 db) isn't necessarily a good idea.  Many customers might see issues during upgrades if that were the case.


          As a best practice, I'd recommend having a copy of your current and stable production environment, and use this as a comparison.  From there, you could begin using our Test to Live tool for migrating new data into your production environment.


          Hope this helps.  Thanks,

          Pete Vel

          Product Support Engineer