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    Mulitple versions of Java


      I have a situation where I need to have at least 2 versions of Java installed and the update function turned off.  These java versions are used by ADP.  The java versions are 1.5.15 and 6u6. Most pcs have 1.5.11 already installed.  I have a reg hack for the update, no problem.  I created 2 distribution packages, one for each version.  I used a scheduled task with 5.15 as the preliminary package, 6u6 as the main package and a bat file as the final package to update the reg file.  This actually works and installs both versions and updates the reg file.  What occurs once connected to ADP it is asking to run an update for 1.5.11.  ADP is suggesting that the LANDesk install is not registering Java properly.


      The install line for both packages is:


      /s /v /qn ADDLOCAL=ALL IEXPLORER=0 MOZILLA=0 REBOOT=Surppress JAVAUPDATE=0 SYSTRAY=0 EULA=1 /L C:\jre-1_6_6.log


      Per ADP's request I changed IEXPLORER and MOZILLA from 1 to 0.


      Has anyone seen any issues from istalling multiple java versions in the same package?



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          jdoe Apprentice

          Multiple Java versions can be tricky, depending on the application using them.  First question would be, if you manually install both versions of Java, does ADP work properly?  Take the LANDesk package out of the mix and make sure it works manually first.

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            Yep - works perfectly fine if I take LD out of the mix.  That's why it's confusing.  I can install each manually without a problem.  If the packages are run stand alone, it works.  Not sure why packaging them together hoses it up.