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    When enrolling iPad get(408) Request Timeout

    sapperino Apprentice

      We are trying to enroll iPads into LANDesk 2016.3 SU1. I have downloaded the LANDesk agent on the iPad from the app store. I put my email address and password in the credentials and it says enrolling then the following error comes up.


      Error enrolling
      The remote server returned an error:
      (408) Request Timeout.


      We have a 3rd party certificate installed in our CSA from GoDaddy. I have check that the certificate is correct on whatsmychaincert.com and I get a green check mark.


      Added the following DNS entry:


      Followed the LANDesk guide on adding the APNS and DEP tokens. We have an iOS profile selected as well.


      Has anyone seen this error or am I missing something?