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    DMZ Servers REALLY REALLY Slow patching through CSA

    RobLent Specialist

      We have setup a CSA to patch our DMZ servers and this seems to be working.


      I can see the servers in the console on the Core and the servers are detecting patches to be installed.  GREAT!   :-)


      However when we kick off a Vulscan /Repair it starts the checking and can see there are updates to apply.


      In one servers case there are 18 updates but this has so far after 4.5 hours only done 8 patches.  This is on an internal network with 1GB connections!


      We tried a test of browsing to the patch folder on the core (We opened the ports on the firewall just for testing) and could download a patch over 60MB in seconds.


      Why is the Agent/CSA taking so long to do the same thing?


      Have I got the agent set wrong?


      Any thoughts.