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    Help Linking Service Request to Specific Employee Profiles

    CHendr Rookie

      Hey Everyone,


      I was hoping you could help me out with a situation that is crippling our organization's productivity since we went live with HEAT.  We currently have several service requests that we utilize where the employee specified in the request offering parameters should have the service request saved to their profile, rather than the customer whose name is specified. 


      For example, on an employee termination: Manager Bob submits a ticket as a self service user to have Randy Savage terminated.  Randy Savage's name comes through on the employee name service request parameter, while this SR comes through with Manager Bob listed as the customer and hence attaches to SR's linked to Manager Bob's employee profile.  In reality we would like to be able to find a way to automate a process that attaches the SR to Randy Savage's profile (while keeping functionality to attach to Manager Bob's intact) for proper record keeping purposes. 


      Our organization has instances a lot of times where we have a department secretary call on behalf of a manager for a specific employee... So for this example: Secretary Jane would be listed as the customer on the service request, Manager Bob would be specified as the "Requested By" on the service request parameters, and our employee - Randy Savage, may be listed as the "Requested For Employee" on the service request parameters. Once again, it would be ideal to link the SR to the employee, Randy Savage's, profile.


      I currently have added another tab to the employee profile for "Linked Service Requests" but the additional step of performing a manual link is being skipped over across the organization and not an ideal fix for us.


      If you already aren't thoroughly confused I would certainly appreciate any feedback you can provide related to implementing some sort of fix.  If any of you have had similar situations with regards to your service requests and are willing to provide some feedback it would also be greatly appreciated!



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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          As you are selecting the target employee as part of the Request Offering you could add a new Relationship to the ServiceReq object to Employee as 0..N:0..1 as an associates relationship.  Then you can use a search and link as part of your workflow to link the records together.  Once this is done on the Employee object you can edit the desired layout and add in a new tab based on this new relationship to list the SR's raised against that employee.

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            CHendr Rookie

            Thank you for the response... I have the relationship created and created the search and link quick action under the employee  BO, but cannot figure out how to configure it properly into the workflow.  What block would be used to do this? Thanks so much

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              AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

              As there is no search and link workflow block you need to copy the employee username/RecId/LoginId depending on how you are setting up your relationships and fields (you can get any employee detail from the Employee object on to your service request so lots of options there) to a field on the ServiceReq object.  Now you have the employee you wish to link to on the ServiceReq object and you have a relationship from ServiceReq to Employee you can write (and call from your workflow) a quick action to search and link the records together.


              If I get a chance I will mock up an example but may take me a few days.

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