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    How do I stop a process during an MSI deployment?

    bdwest Rookie

      I have an MSI, generated by our internal apps development group.  We need to stop the process for the software being updated.  I see a point in the deployment of patches where one can stop processes, but I haven't found anywhere in the configuration of packages or tasks to stop a process while deploying an MSI.  How can I do this?

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          jaysmith SupportEmployee

          You could build a custom definition in patch and compliance which would give you the built in option to stop a process.  If you wanted to use software distribution, there are a couple methods but what may be the easiest is to write a batch script using taskkill to end the process, and then either create a distribution bundle that runs your batch script first, or, you could just add the next line to the script to execute your software. 


          If you chose the latter option, then you would write a batch script that uses taskkill as the first command and then executes your MSI as the second command.  You'd create a batch package in ivanti and add the batch script as the primary file and the msi as an additional file.  The additional file will be copied to the sdmcache directory, so in the batch script you'd need to reference that path. 


          Let me know if that helps and whatever other questions you have. 

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            ferrispd Rookie

            I would use a powershell script to terminate the process.  I think that you can use this in the actual software distribution, custom definition or group it in a scheduled task.


            Using the Stop-Process Cmdlet