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    Public facing link into Workspaces to log a ticket

    Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

      Hey community,

      I wanted to run something by you to see who's done it.


      I would like to set up 2 links on a public facing web page (Log Compliment & Log Compliant).  I want each of these links, when selected to launch a Workspaces window that the user (can be anyone in the world) can fill in their name, some information about them, the staff members name and the details of their complaint/compliment.  Once this is done, I've got all the internal process bits designed and flowing fine.  What I'm fighting is this:


      1.  Can this be done from a public page into an internal Workspaces?

      2.  How can make SURE that after the person clicks OK to submit the form, it doesn't direct them back to the default End User workspaces dashboard?