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    Multiple Actions on a Collection


      Is it possible to add more than one Action to a Collection?


      In our main Request process, we have an action to "Add Attachment". I would like to add another called "Resolve with Attachment".

      I want these as separate actions because I want the "Resolve with Attachment" action only to be available when the status of the request is "In Progress".

      Under Request Management I have an Attachment business object and a Request business object.

      The Request business object contains a collection of Attachments.

      When I open the Request business object and click on the "Attachments" collection attribute, "Manage Actions" is the only available action in the Actions pane.

      When I click on "Manage Actions" I see this window containing the existing "Add Attachment" action, but the Add button is not active.

      How can I create more than one Action on a collection? Is this possible? Or would I have to create a new "Resolution Attachment" business object and add it as another collection on the Request business object?


      Many thanks in Advance!

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          andreas.lindner Expert



          simply amend the Title of your action in process designer. Then you will have an "Add Attachment" action but the user will see the "Resolve with Attachment" instead of the default Title. This will also work if your "Add Attachment" is in your status as optional action. But be aware, that you only can have one "Add Attachment" action on one status, no matter what the title is.

          1. Open the Process Designer.
          2. Stop your process.
          3. See Screenshot
          4. Save process and activate it again.



          Otherwise it is not possible to add two actions of the same type to any collection. You can only have one of the type add related, and so on.