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    Multiple authentication windows when accessing WebAccess

    tbuchanan Apprentice

      Within the last 24 hours we have had all of our servers start throwing authentication errors when any users try to connect to our Service Desk WebAccess environments. It started on one of our web servers yesterday and had effected all the rest of our web servers (including Test) today. To provide as much detail is possible, I will explain our findings thus far.


      When any user (Analyst or end-user) tries to access WebAccess framework they are receiving multiple Authentication windows (pictured below)
      Authentication prompt.jpg


      Dozens of these will continuously pop-up and when you get through you get to a WebAccess view that looks like this:




      On the server side, while troubleshooting I noticed that the app pool configurations are no longer connecting properly and I am getting the error below:


      network path.jpg


      I have spent hours troubleshooting this issue with very little success and I was wondering if anyone out there may have experienced something like this before and where you turned to find a solution. Any and all guidance is appreciated. No configuration changes were made to any of the servers that should have caused something like this so it may be a problem not even rooted in Service Desk at all, but thank you to anyone who may have a helpful suggestion.

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          andreas.lindner Expert


          I've had a similar experience when one of our admins changed the password of the user that has been used by the Application Pools by accident. But I can imagine, that there might be something more complex behind it.

          If you've not done so already:

          • Check if the user in your application pool is still active.
          • Check if the password expired.
          • Check if the password of the user has been changed.
          • Check if the user has been removed from local groups (especially the local administrators).
          • If using integrated security for DB access, check if the user has been removed from the DB security settings.
          • Check if all App Pools are running and if they are stable (sometimes if something is wrong with the user accounts running the app pools, they will simply stop to run without any notice).
          • Try and use the built-in account "NetworkService" for a test in your App Pool.
          • To work around the "The network path was not found." message, use your IIS Manager to switch the user for your App Pool.
          • If possible, run an IISRESET on all affected servers.


          I think that should cover the most common problems.



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            tbuchanan Apprentice

            Thank you for your feedback! With further troubleshooting we found the root cause to be that somewhere along the line something happened with the service account. When the app pools were recycled with the previously working service accounts, NTFS permissions were changed on the folder "Program Files (x86)\LANDESK\Service Desk\WebApp\WebAccess\Content" and access was removed for the local server users. Somehow this fundamentally breaks Service desk's ability to pass credentials through with integrated LogOn.


            I have verified with out other teams that the account is still active and the password is not expired, but it is still throwing the "Network Path Not Found" error and simultaneously stripping the aforementioned access away from that folder. In the meantime we have switched the App Pool to use "NetworkService" until we isolate the issue further. This is not yet resolved, but we are at least making progress.