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    What is needed to populate the Profile Field in the MAPI/Lotus pref tab?

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      What populates the Profile Field in the MAPI/Lotus pref tab?

      We created a new user, and cannot get the Profile field of the MAPI/Lotus tab of their User Preferences to populate with our Zimbra connector.

      Without this the user is unable to email from within HEAT.


      Using Call Logging 9.6.1 build 48 with a Windows 10 when this arose. We upgraded to 9.7.7 with no change.

      This field has always populated automatically before. We have reinstalled and deleted the HFW file. The field is not editable, although a cursor can be inserted. 


      We were able to narrow the issue down: out-of-the-box installs could mail but systems upgraded to 10 could not.

      Heat passed this on to development, but  we eventually solved the issue by installing the HP Notification package, but without fully understanding why.


      We suspect the difference lies in the level of support for MAPI commands as discussed here



      I would appreciate any insight you might have so that I can have some direction if this happens on a non-HP machine