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    survey - is it possible to use emoji in a survey question?

    Donna Apprentice

      Hi All,


      Is it possible to use an emoji in a survey??  It is trendy and the bosses see these everywhere


      So instead of:


      How was Support Experience?

      1. Great

      2. Good

      3. Average

      4. Unsatisfactory

      5. Terrible


      it would be


      How was Support Experience?









      I think if not possible now it would be useful in the future?










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          Actually the field it is Unicode OOTB, so it is possible to do it, the main thing to consider is that you rely on the end user OS to show the emojis, so it might not be fully consistent behaviour (for instance, Windows 7 does not have colour emojis, but they were added in Windows 8.1 so if you are already using Win10 you can see them).

          For Example, this is how it looks on Windows 7:

          And same question viewed through my Samsung phone (Stock Android has different ones too):

          Other option could be to use stars; in Windows 7:

          And Samsung:

          Besides the inconsistency, the main issue was to find the actual characters, Windows does not make it easy, in my case I resorted to a "Copy Unicode emoji Windows 7" online search, copy the emoji like if you were copying a piece of text and paste it on the "Edit Question" box:

          Hope this answers your question.





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