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    Scoped down version of the HEAT Software Knowledge Base?


      I find it cumbersome to wade through all of the products once logged into the HEAT Software Knowledge Base.   It would be ideal to only provide access to the knowledge base for the products we have purchased,  otherwise the search results dictate that one has to read through information that isn't relevant to the topics Im reading about.  


      Now that Ivanti has migrated the community over to the new knowledge base,   are there support engineers at Ivanti who are tasked with responding to customer questions?  If so,  what are the support boundaries,  expectations,  etc?    Seems like a lot of software companies move knowledge base functions to the community and basically nobody from the software company responds to a large majority of questions....leaving users to fend for themselves and either build their own knowledge base  or expand their search criteria using Google.  

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          Terry Douglas Employee

          Hi Greg,


          On searching the community, if you use the 'Search All Sites' feature in the very top right, you can do some pretty neat filtering to search in just the areas you need. You can also set your filters first, then bookmark the URL to come back to those settings later - for example, this link will show only Ivanti Service Manager (was HEAT Service Management) content:






          Things are changing now we're Ivanti too.


          In the HEAT days we provided the community site as a way for customers to help each other, but not officially monitored. With this Ivanti community, each section has an Ivanti owner assigned. While we still give priority to support incidents, we're now actively encouraged to help out here too. With the merging of the knowledge base into the community, the time and effort we used to put in to writing KB articles is now also spent answering discussion questions. And it's only going to get better (or so I'm told). There are more changes coming internally which will make it easier for us to convert Incident resolutions into KB documents, so if a customer opens an Incident and the solution would be relevant to others, we'll be able to post that resolution quickly here.


          We work on a best-effort basis with the community. As users of the products, you face the same challenges as each other and are well placed to help each other out, especially when it comes to asking for advice on how others do something, or things like integrations with third party tools. In Support, we're trained on the product to provide break/fix assistance (though some of us more experienced analysts will try to help when you're designing/building as well). We have some great partners who help out too.


          Ultimately, we want to do our best to answer each question only once, and have everyone benefit by having the answer available here.


          Hope this helps!