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    Creating a 'Prompt' box to fill in CauseCode from a Related Item's Link & Resolve

    sleahy Rookie

      So I have a basic question. I found out how to edit the Link and Resolve button from the Matching Item's panel for Knowledge. I currently have it set up to fill in a number of fields with values from the Knowledge article, as well as, hard code some values into other fields.


      The last step is I want a prompt box to appear on screen that allows the user to select a cause code. I'm using this expression:

      $(Prompt("Root Cause", "IncidentCauseCode of IncidentCauseCode used in Incident")) which works for a prompt when I put it in an expression for a Quick Action.


      When I use the Link/Resolve button in the Matching Object Panel I get this error:



      Is it not possible to have a prompt window come up when using a command button from the Object Matching List? If so then why would they build it this way?


      I guess a work around would be to delete the buttons all together and make command buttons on the form itself but that seems like a lot of double work.