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    Intermittent success with batchfile push


      I have a batchfile that i'm pushing to pc's.  it installs msi, then runs one .vbs, has a path statement, then runs 2nd .vbs, and last runs another .bat file.


      my problem is the 2nd .vbs works on some machines and not others.  Even if successful landesk server errors with "DNS server not authorative for zone"


      all the other parts are completely successful everytime, but the 2nd vbs only sometimes.  I'm possible to track down cause on my test virtual PC's it works everytime.



      any idea's would be helpful.



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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          What is that 2nd vbs script doing? Also, have you tried running this manually on an affected machine.  Its entriely possible you have an environment issue on some machines and landesk is just showing you an error you would get anyway.


          Manually attempt to replicate on one or two affected machines as it may be something in their config that is the issue rather than an issue in LANDesk.


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