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    Console Password Recovery


      WE are currently busy with a POC and the customer has forgotten to login credentials.


        Is there a way to recover the password in order to login to the console?

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          For assistance with this kind of issue, you will need to either contact your Ivanti Sales Representative or open a Support Ticket (using the Support Portal link at the top-tight of this page).

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            Authentication is controlled by either Active Directory for domain authentication or Windows Security Access Manager (SAM) for local authentication.  The Windows User who installed the Ivanti Endpoint Security Server (formerly EMSS) is automatically granted Administrator Role within the Endpoint Security Webconsole. 


            If the password was forgotten you can change the password using Active Directory or use the Computer Management.mmc.



            1.  Start + X >> Computer Management > Local Users and Groups > PLUS Admins > locate the local account and change the password.

            2. Log onto the Endpoint Security Webconsole with the new password.



            Hope this helps.