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    Specify Request authorizer at run time

    giorda62 Apprentice

      Hi all


      I need to implement a Service Request workflow that allows an analyst to open a new Request and to specify one or two authorizer(s) at the time the request is opened (not at the time the service catalog item is created). I'd like to use the same Out Of The Box process named "Generic Service Request" that already has 4 different levels of authorizations (Line Manager, Service Manager, IT and Business) overriding the authorizers informations specified in the "Configuration Item Requested" at run time based on a choice the analyst can make manually selecting the approver. I know it's possible to add the new fields and modify the process to implement one or two additional authorization steps, but I'm trying to avoid to do this and leave the process as it is in the OOTB configuration, or at least reduce to the minimum the changes. I thought that placing fields like "_ManagerAuthUser" from the "Configuration Item Requested" in Service Request form was possible, but I can't find it in the list of available fields



      Anyone have any idea on how to implement this ?

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          John Haddad Expert

          Hi Gio,


          i have lost through the description , but if you need the analyst to select to whom this request should go ,,

          or it should go two approval or one you can define this in the window of the request and make it available to analyst

          or you can based on requested item select this can go through haow many approvals

          or you can define this  by an action send assignment .


          hope this help