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    barcode scanner on telnetCE, device intermec CN51



      ii worked before on cn70 and telnetce, but now i received new intermec cn51.



      on telnetCE, barcode scanner dont write data, outside TelnetCE screen, works fine


      changed this parameters but no luck

      Emulation Parameters:

          1. Scanner then Common and "Disable Scanner" to YES

          2. Scanner then Common and "Use Scanner As Keyboard Wedge" to ENABLE


      could you help me?

      thanks in advance

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          I'm having the same issue with the same Honeywell CK75 I've just received and installed the same TelnetCE version WLTE_UNI_WM65_7_3_225_AV.ava.


          I had originally installed the model specific version Ivanti had listed for the new CK75 WLTE_ITC_CN75_WM6_7_3_296_AV.ava but had key mapping issues with a lot of the function keys and a few days later Ivanti removed it as compatible client.


          So I downloaded this universal client and am now having the same issue as you were if i scan anything outside of TelnetCE into like a notepad it's fine, but inside of TelnetCE it will make noise acknowledging a scan but input nothing.

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            Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

            If the device can scan outside of TelnetCE that implies that there is another system wide scanner wedge that is running in the background. Configuring the universal TE client to manage the scanner while another scanner wedge is in control of the scanner will produce undesired consequences as the two may vie for control. I suggest either A) disabling TelnetCE's management of the scanner in the Emulation Parameters and then configure all of your scanner settings in the configuration of the system level scanner wedge or B) doing the exact opposite. Disable the system scanner wedge and configure everything in TelnetCE.

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              So to test your theory, I re-enabled the original Unit specific WLTE_ITC_CN75_WM6_7_3_296_AV.ava TelnetCE client and disabled the Universal WLTE_UNI_WM65_7_3_225_AV.ava. Figuring my initial problem was key mapping and not the scanner.


              With the same configurations on both profiles and the same configuration on the device the scanner will function with the specific Client made for the Honeywell / Intermec handheld but not on the Universal Client. So I tried this Universal Client with my Intermec CK71's and the same result will not scan into the TelnetCE with the Universal Client but functions under the Specific Client for the device. Unfortunately it does not appear that Wavelink has a model specific TelnetCE client for soporte4416's Honeywell CN51 which might have corrected this issue for him.


              Going off of soporte4416's issue to dig further into my original issue I dug further into my key mapping issue on certain function keys and found a file intg046.kmp in the \Program Files\Wavelink\Avalanche\Apps\TN06CN75\ directory that was causing the issue. it appears to be remapping some keys for the CN75 which is probably the reason they took it down for the CK75. Reming everything it's changing out within the file corrected my key mapping issue. I tried just removing the file initially but was receiving errors that the file was missing and deleteing it's contents cause the remote control client to crash every time i tried to transfer it so just reming everything out seemed to work fine and corrected the issue.


              intg046.kmp contents




              // Intermec CN75 46 Key QWERTY keymap


              // Does the keyboard have built-in sticky key support?


              CONTROL = FALSE

              ALT = FALSE

              SHIFT = FALSE



              0x77 = 0x002A // F8 -> * - Asterisk (Star)

              0x78 = 0x0023 // F9 -> # - Number/Pound

              0xE8 = 0x5400 // Key 0xE8 -> F11



              0x5B = 0x3B00 // Shift + LWIN -> F1

              0x70 = 0x3C00 // Shift + F1 -> F2

              0x71 = 0x3D00 // Shift + F2 -> F3

              0x75 = 0x3E00 // Shift + F6 -> F4



              0x25 = 0x8200 // Ctrl + LEFT -> Previous Session

              0x26 = 0x4900 // Ctrl + UP -> Page Up

              0x27 = 0x8300 // Ctrl + RIGHT -> Next Session

              0x28 = 0x5100 // Ctrl + DOWN -> Page Down

              0x2D = 0x7600 // Ctrl + INSERT -> Field Minus

              0x2E = 0x7500 // Ctrl + DELETE -> Value 0x7500

              0x31 = 0xCE31 // Ctrl + 1 -> PA1

              0x32 = 0xCE32 // Ctrl + 2 -> PA2

              0x33 = 0xCE33 // Ctrl + 3 -> PA3

              0x36 = 0x001C // Ctrl + 6 -> Ctrl-\

              0x37 = 0x001D // Ctrl + 7 -> Ctrl-]

              0x38 = 0x001E // Ctrl + 8 -> Ctrl-^

              0x39 = 0x001F // Ctrl + 9 -> Ctrl-;




              0x72 = 0x000A // F3 -> Enter/Send

              0x73 = 0x000A // F4 -> Enter/Send




              0x31 = 0xCC31 // Ctrl + 1 -> Ctrl-1

              0x32 = 0xCC32 // Ctrl + 2 -> Ctrl-2

              0x33 = 0xCC33 // Ctrl + 3 -> Ctrl-3

              0x36 = 0xCC36 // Ctrl + 6 -> Ctrl-6

              0x37 = 0xCC37 // Ctrl + 7 -> Ctrl-7

              0x38 = 0xCC38 // Ctrl + 8 -> Ctrl-8

              0x39 = 0xCC39 // Ctrl + 9 -> Ctrl-9



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                Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

                Great find! So the bold text is what you removed from the file?

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                  but i use AS client and i dont have that folder/file, my folder is:

                  \\\Program Files\Wavelink\TelnetCE


                  \\\Program Files\Wavelink\TelnetCE\Config


                  thanks in advance

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                    You wouldn't have the file under the Universal driver I was just mentioning it if someone else ran into the same problem with key mappings with the model specific software.


                    One thing I did find that the Universal Client is missing for our Intermec devices is a certain set of DLL's.






                    Now looking at this information from Honeywell http://hsm.force.com/publickb/articles/HSM_Article/Missing-Intermec-DataCollection-itcBarcodeReader-h-and-itcBarcodeRead…


                    It states, "ITCScan.dll must be installed on the Intermec computer. Also, ITCScan.lib and ITCBarcodeReader.lib must be linked to the application using it, and ITCBarcodeReader.h must be included in that application."


                    So to conclude I think the reason both you and me were having an issue with the Universal Client with our various Honeywell / Intermec equipment is because the universal client doesn't have the dll's installed for the scan handler.


                    I think you'll need to open up a case with Ivanti to add support for TelnetCE for your CN51 using WM6.5.

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                      sticky keys set as disabled and now works