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    Problem Response Levels not Populating

    jross Apprentice

      Hi all,


      I have spend hours pouring over the support documentation attempting to fix an issue within our Problem Management module Response Levels.

      LANDesk is v2016.4 Service Desk

      Currently We have the Response Level Attribute on the Problem Business Object as per below:



      We have checked and there are no filters active on this Attribute.

      The Rules for the Problem Agreement is as per below. There were some support documentation advising to make Blank rules for when the Response Level

      Variation Attributes are set to that the Response Level is determined by the Severity of the Problem:


      And we have two response Levels set as Minor Problem and Major Problem based on The Severity of Minor and Major. We also do not use Groups in our Environment and this does not affect our Incident and Request Management Modules.


      However when we get to adding the Response Level attribute onto the Problem window, it does not appear as a Drop down selection menu, but as a Read Only Text field (Top right in below screenshot)


      I have spent several hours going through the support documentation for Response Levels and none of the following have made any changes to this problem:

      SLA Response Level drop down displays all Response Levels for all modules

      An example of using Response Agreement rules

      Response Levels no longer populate (SLA matrix) in Web Access if there is a filter on relationship

      Workspaces Response level

      Response level don't change on assignment

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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          Are there any filters applied to the Response Level attribute inside your Problem Management - Problem object?  If there are, remove them and that should work.

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            jross Apprentice

            Hi Jamie,


            Thanks for the tip, but as I have advised in the post above, I've already checked for Filters and do not have any applied to the Attribute in Problem Management - Problem object.


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              Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

              Can you post a screenshot of your attributes from your Window Designer?  That's odd that it goes across as a ReadOnly field.  You don't happen to have a calculated Response Level attribute do you?

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                jross Apprentice

                Hi Jamie,


                Here is the screenshot of the attributes and the window. The list of all attributes is a bit bigger than I can fit in one screenshot, so i'm showing the Response Level attribute:

                I do not believe I have a calculated Response Level, but some of this architecture was setup before I began working on problem management. How would I double check to confirm?

                Response Level object in object designer has no calculations on it and Rules only specify a Response level is set based on severity.

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                  Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

                  Yeah, that definitely doesn't look right.  Does it show the same way for Incident and Request? 


                  Have you tried removing the attribute from the form, saving the firm and bouncing IIS?  That's just odd because it shows like the correct attribute in object designer.


                  Try this too.  Remove that response level attribute from the window.  In object designer, go to Process Management.Process and open that up.  Is there another Response Level attribute in there?  If you see one that says Response Level 2 as the actual name, I would try deleting it.  There could be 2 with the same Title and it's throwing it off in window manager.


                  Also, was this a fresh install or an upgrade?

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                    jross Apprentice

                    Hi Jamie,


                    Removed the attribute from the form, saved and bounced IIS. Didn't make a difference when I added it back to the window.

                    So I did the same again and left it off the window. Went into Object Designer > Process Management.Process  and checked for Response Level. There is only the one Attribute for that, but it has a calculation on the field:


                    import System

                    static def GetAttributeValue(Process):

                      Classtype = Process.Class.Name

                      if Process.Class != null and (Process.Class.Name == 'Incident' or Process.Class.Name == 'Request' or Process.Class.Name == 'Problem'):

                      return String.Format("{0}", Process.ResponseLevel.Title)

                      return ""


                    The Process.Class.Name == 'Problem' was added in as a further test, but this didn't make a difference.


                    When expanding Process Management.Process.Problem I have noted two Response Levels in here. One set as a relationship link from Lifecycle.Response Level. The other appears to be inherited from Process.

                    When checking Both Incident and Request they both have the same layout, which doesn't appear to be affecting their response levels.

                    One is named _ResponseLevel, the other is ResponseLevel


                    I am not given the option to delete either of these.

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                      jross Apprentice

                      Also, this was an upgrade from 7.7 to 2016.x

                      Current version is now 2016.4

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                        Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

                        Try changing the title if the _responselevel to something like Response Level Calc to see if that helps at all.  I've seen this happen where 2 attributes have the same Title and it messes with how Window manager reads it.  May not be affecting Incident or Request because this change happened after they were up and running.

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                          jross Apprentice

                          Yep, renaming the Process Management.Process attribute Response Level to "Response Level Calc" worked.

                          When I opened the window manager, there were now two Response Level items and the "Response Level" now works and is displayed as a drop down list.


                          Rules now work so when severity is selected, the Response Level auto populates.


                          Thank you . It's hard to believe just once simple thing like that can mess everything up like this.