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    Need to update fields submitted on a Service Request to the CI Object

    JGotze Apprentice

      Submitting a Service Request with 2 fields who's contents I want to have pushed to the same fields on the EnterpriseApplication CI.  I need to have the matching object name determine which EnterpriseApplication CI to update.  For instance, I submit the Service Request with the Application name "Zookeeper"  Two fields, RegSCT Notes and RegSCI Status are on this Service Request.  Upon submitting, I need to link to the matching EnterpriseApplication CI "Zookeeper" and update the 2 matching fields on that CI from the Service Request.  I have tried to do this with a composite quick action fired from the work flow. The relationship I chose seems to give me access to all the fields in question, but the fields are not updated,


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