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    Windows firewall status misleading ?

    FrançoisLaFrance Rookie

      Hello everyone,


      First time poster, but I regularly follow the community to find answer when i'm stuck on query design on LANDesk. I use the product since 6 months.


      I want to create a query in order to retrieve the firewall status on device connections. To do so i look into BoundAdapter table and look at the "Firewall Enabled" row. The 3 status seems straightforward : Enabled, Disabled and Not Installed. However, during the test, i found a lot of device with the firewall turned off, but when i compare on the computer, the firewall is up and running !

      Is there anyone who have this issue before and how can i deal with this ? More generally, is there a documentation or a ressource where i can find how a certain information is retrieved by LANDesk ?


      I looked into older subject and i found 2 relevant :

      Query to find Windows Firewall Status? : It seems the same issue but left without answer

      Building a report on firewall settings  : More related to the reporting and how to do it.