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    Rebuilt server with old configuration




      I wanted a suggestion from this forum on my issue, due to some issue our server team rebuild most of the servers in our environment including Landesk Core servers. So after this action we lost our 9.5 SP3 server but we have drive data where Landesk was installed. ie D drive. Now I want to make the server functioning again. What are that method I need to use,also is it possible to make it working with same agent and other configurations..


      Please help me with this...

      Thanks in Advance!!

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          While you could (with a lot of effort) get close I wouldn't recommend it.


          The main reason is that 9.5 is end of life so you have an opportunity to put in a current version assuming you have maintenance.


          Whether you do or you don't have maintenance then if you have the database available to you then you could use that as part of your installation as that would allow you to take data and a lot of the configuration options.You could copy the certificates from the old server (plenty of docs around that on here) and that would allow the new core to communicate with old clients although that would primarily be to send out the new agent.


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