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    OS Update package creation


      I am having some issues building a package for Windows CE 7 Operating System Deployment. I have the OS Update files from Zebra, but I am not able to create a package to deploy them to the devices that already have Avalanche installed.  The only way I can do it right now is by installing manually? IS there a method of creating a package using the OS update files I already have. I was initialy trained on Avalanche over a year ago and we just started deployment this year so I am not up to speed on how to do package creation;

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          Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

          OSUpdates via Avalanche can be a little hairy given the battery requirements and potential to brick the devices. I suggest leveraging the Scan to Configure process to set a custom property that is built into the selection criteria for the the package itself so that you can install the update at the device level on demand. You'll also likely want to include selection criteria that includes the OEMVersion that you're installing so that it is not continually reinstalled. And one last thing, you'll want the version of the OSUpdate that doesn't wipe the Application directory so that the device isn't set to factory default as part of the process.

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            Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

            AND you might also want to restrict simultaneous updates to something like 5 devices to limit bandwidth consumption as the update is being pushed out to devices. Especially if the Avalanche server is off premise.

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              To address the battery issue, Avalanche has the setting to restrict the update to when the scanner is on external power, and also restrict the amount of simultaneous scanners doing the update at any given. What I am trying to accomplish my creating a package is the have any updates, including OS updates be installed in the (after) hours time-frame the scanners are not being used, and to not have to do it manually or rely on the end users to do it.The method you suggested would require someone to do by hand. Not only that but we have scanners in multiple locations across the globe which is just not possible.


              Which leads back to my initial question;IS there a method to creating a package to deploy to the scanners ?

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                fkshelton SupportEmployee

                OS Update packages need to be requested through Zebra they will then in turn verify hardware maintenance and the request the OS update from us to be built up. Please contact Zebra support for this request.