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    Service Desk Calendar and configuring cycle for email sending

    pdabrowski Apprentice

      I am having a problem with understanding how you can configure "cycle configurations options" from calendar appointment to send scheduled e-mails. I am translating some of those names from polish so please forgive me if those sounds  not like in english original. I ll put some jpg. to explain my self.

      After setting up a 'meeting' in calendar:


      Above standard fields for 'calendar appointment':

      Calendar name

      Change number

      Dates  etc.


      Now I would like to set up a simple 'cycle' that will send this 'appointment' as e-mail on daily basis. So I go to 'cycel manager':


      Pretty basic setup - every other day, and below dates for start and stop.

      Then I add some names in "add recipients", and so far all that happens is I am being send one email, straight away.



      Am I getting this wrong? Something alse shoud be also used, or this just isn't working?