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    Provisioning into VMware Workstation: error from extra long hostname

    jaericho Apprentice

      We've been using the bios serial number as hostnames (we're a Dell shop) and it's worked fine for years. Even provisioning into vmware workstation has worked in the past, but now it's failing and I think it's because of the virtual machine bios.


      For instance, we've been using "Computer"."BIOS"."Serial Number" for Dell's it will be the seven character Dell Service Tag.

      VMware Workstation now gives something like: VMWARE-56 4D 94 18 7B 9C 52 60-A1 05 6B 46 F5 54 2C C2 and I think it's too long because Windows setup always chokes on the unattend.xml file.


      Is there any way to make provisioning truncate the string if it's too long before it's put into the unattend.xml file?


      We're running LDMS2016.3