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    Workflow If block: How can I use an expression in this block?

    keifer2008 Apprentice



      I have a roadblock that I'm trying to workaround and I'm hoping for some advice on how others have tackled this...

      Simplified scenario:


      I have a Request Offering where a customer can request a name change. It's basically composed of a label and and a text field. The label is populated/auto-filled based on a Employee picklist (further above in the form), in this case the Employee's first name. The text field would be to capture the new value.


      The customer can either leave the text field blank or even enter the exact same name and nothing should occur upon submission, however if a new value is entered then a Task should be generated for a group to update the name.


      Given this I presumed I could simply use an IF Block in the RO Workflow to do a field match comparison and if the fields didn't match to trigger a Task Block, however the IF Block "appears" to not be able to accept an expression nor be able to reference a field after the operator.


      Has anyone ever had a similar scenario? How did you build it out?



      This tool appears to have many capabilities however it seems (so far) to be unable to do this type of comparison in workflow, it doesn't seem right?