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    Surface Pro 4 no clue how to provision.

    rrahn Rookie



      All I am missing is I belive certain switches with imagew_x64.exe /r /o /x /d:0 /rb:0 /f:I:\Win10\x64\WIN10_ENT_X64_16071_EN_DEPLOY.tbi any ideas if this is enought?

      When image is being deployed it says it is MBR and as far as I have found out it has to be in GPT mode. I have no clue how to do it.


      Any ideas?


      Have a nice day.


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          1EarEngineer Specialist

          can you post a screenshot of your template actions? How was the image captured? How to Provision a UEFI Tablet Using ImageW is a great guide.

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            Peter Massa Expert

            Hey rrahn,


            If you use imagew - it clones the disk at the sector level - which means if your original build was built on mbr and bios then it is going to deploy that way.  Surface hardware requires it to be gpt and uefi.  This means that you need to recreate your base build using gpt and uefi if you want to continue using imagew.


            The alternative would be to switch to dism.exe (instead of imagew) which is file based and allows you to convert the image from mbr to gpt as part of your imaging work flow.  You would have to recapture your image though using dism instead of imagew.


            On a side note - dism is recommended for Windows 10 over imagew, so long term you should look at switching anyways.


            Hope this helps,