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    How unique is a unique field in CI

    Donna Apprentice

      I wanted to make the Name field in CI BO unique.  I actually need to make Name field in CI.Service BO unique.

      As it is an inherited field the only place I would be able to do this is in CI.


      If I do this will the Name field be unique inside each BO in the CI group object or unique across the whole



      so if my CI.Service record's Name field has the value of MyService and the Name field is unique CI and thus inherited

      parameter I can have another record in CI.VirtualServer BO with a Name field value of MyService as well.


      thanksin advance


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          lgtandi Specialist

          If you mark the "Unique" checkbox in the "Field Attributes" section of a field definition, you declare the corresponding column within the CI database table as "Unique". And since all CI records (CI.Service as well as CI.VirtualServer BOs) are stored in this same table, the "Name" field would need to be unique across all CI types, i.e. you could not have a "MyService" of type CI.Service and a "MyService" record of type CI.VirtualServer.


          Hope this helps,


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