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    Emulator 5250 Session Terminated


      Good morning,


      We have been facing an ongoing issue with our scanners randomly disconnecting users from their sessions with the message "AS400 session has been terminated". It happens at completely random times and has no pattern, rhyme or reason about it.


      The wireless has been tested extensively and was actually updated this past year. I have personally stood in the areas and walked through the areas of the facility for hours while our network admin monitored my connection. I never dropped wireless once, and the connection to AS400 never went down, either. I have also verified that the scanner will have wireless connection when the session terminates. So the APs are ruled out.


      I have read multiple accounts of setting keep alive parameters and rekey issues with SSH, but this is apart from that because it can work for hours without ever terminating the session. At other times I have seen a session terminate six times in thirty minutes.


      I have attempted contacting the manufacturer of our scanners, but we only have hardware warranty.


      I appreciate any and all help I can get, I'm by no means an AS400/5250 Emulator professional.

      I'm just a lowly helpdesk technician and my manager kind of dumped this into my lap after attempting to fix it for two-three months.


      If I can provide any further information, let me know. I will actively watch this forum and respond as fast as I can.


      Best regards,


      Chris Miller