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    Dell 3380 Laptop works fine in windows 10 1607 but freezes intermittently in 1703

    MrGadget Expert

      I'm running Landesk 9.6 sp3

      We tried creating an image using 1607 base then running Win 10 upgrade assistant to get to 1703. The provisioning  goes to Ctos then reboots and loses connection to landesk. The log for the unattend in windows indicates the unattend ran ok but what didn't happen was the cba8 process never started so landesk could continue the provisioning.


      So we created another image using only windows 10 1607. The provisioning is successful except Microsoft has a fullscreen message after ctos telling of a upgrade and provisioning continues behind it.


      After provisioning has finished and everything checks ok. Microsoft installs 1703. Upon completion of update to 1703 Edge freezes and disappears, Desktop icons turn generic, computer freezes and only Ctrl alt del works bringing up Task manager. Rebooting then logging in things start all over again.


      Any thoughts?