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    Links in emails

    stapletj@tbh.net Apprentice

      I have a triggered action that sends a notification when a person or team has been assigned a task.assignment. It uses a link to allow people to jump to the Parent Record.


      It worked great when those were just coming from Incidents and Service Requests, but we've implemented Knowledge management, and are using 3 knowledge subtypes. FRS_Knowledge.Document, FRS_Knowledge.IssueResolution, and FRS_Knowledge.QandA.


      The variable ParentLinkCategory returns the whole subtype, but the link will only work if it's just set as FRS_Knowledge


      Here's the HTML:


      <tr><td>Parent ID:</td><td><a href="$(ServerURL())/Login.aspx?Scope=ObjectWorkspace&amp;CommandId=Search&amp;ObjectType=$(ParentLink_Category)%23&amp;CommandData=RecId,%3D,0,$(ParentLink_RecID),string,AND|#">$(ParentObjectDisplayID)</a></td></tr>


      I've tried putting a subexpression in to substring ParentLink category by find ".", and that works for Knowledge, but breaks SR and Incident.

      If I put an IF statement in, it tells me that subexpressions aren't permitted.


      Any ideas?

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          I added the "Bookmark" button to our Knowledge forms a while ago (the Bookmark button it is pre-made, so not sure how it works) but it gives you the link to the specific article, no matter the subtype, you can use this as a foundation:

          • Issue and Resolution:
          • Q and A
          • In our organization we do not use "Document" so I do not have a way to get the link, but we can easily infer that it should be:


          If you just copy the links and paste them in your notification, the "ServerURL" and the "RecId" will be populated with the proper info before sending the email.


          I think that the problem is that you were trying to use "Knowledge.Document" but HEAT uses a different convention. Anyway, I hope this helps!




          Edit: Fixed links

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            lgtandi Specialist

            Maybe it's not the most elegant solution but you could use the "ParentType" field on the "Task" object type and set it to the required value (e.g. "FRS_Knowledge") by pushing this fixed value when the "FRS:KnowledgeAssociatedTask" relationship is used to link an assignment with a knowledge item (and similar with the relationships linking incidents and service requests with tasks). Then you could reference the value of the "ParentType" field to construct your URL.


            Hope this helps,