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    Making Expression Label Text = Plain text(not bolded)

    MarkLarvo Specialist

      I need to save space on a form. We wanted to merge two fields inside a label and not create a new field just for this custom format.


      When I make the label expression to format the text, the text is correct. However it displays like a bold label, despite choosing a Style I created called PlainText.


      Two fields

      Location Code: SF

      Room#: 24/2406


      Desired output:

      "Location: SF - 24/2406"


      Form Label: blank

      Style: TextPlain

      Expression:  $("Location: " +  [Frs_CompositeContract_Contact#.ServiceReqAssociatedCustomer]KE_LocationCode +  " - " + [Frs_CompositeContract_Contact#.ServiceReqAssociatedCustomer]Room)


      Displayed Output:

      "Location: SF - 24/2406" I don't want this text in bold.


      TextPlain formatting



      Any ideas? Thanks in advance! Mark.