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    Lots of files in C:\Users\[landesk scheduler account name]\AppData\Local\Temp

    ferrispd Apprentice

      I have over a gigabyte of files in this folder C:\Users\[landesk ad account]\AppData\Local\Temp

      Does anyone know if I can delete these?  or at least the very old files within?


      Thanks in advance,


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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Generally, anything under "TEMP" should be safe to delete, unless it's currently in use (in which case, Windows shouldn't let you) as a general guide-line.


          It would help if you'd clarify whether you're talking on the Core or on client & what kinds of files you're looking at (as well as what version & what product you're talking about specifically).


          Those are files that Windows would be putting down more often than not - not usually a place that we do much stuff in specifically.


          Again - having a look at the files


          Also - "which" ad-account are we talking? COM+ needs one ... the LANDesk scheduler can actually do without one (you mostly need it to authenticate to access shares these days, really - so if you use UNC, you'll need it), LDDA does a few AD-ish things, etc. .


          Unless you've got separate accounts for all those, careful in assuming it's the scheduler (I've no idea whether you do / do not use separate accounts - just highlighting that this could be stuff aside from the scheduler) .


          But yes, generally, things under TEMP should be fair game for deletion usually ... for "feel good" it'd help having a look at the files themselves that you're talking about, but I strongly doubt that it's anything we'd worry over.