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    LANDesk Agent high CPU Usage (ldiscn32.exe).


      I have configured Inventory scan to scan every 3 hrs. but ldiscn32.exe usage high CPU on every scan(30%). Can I set CPU utilization for Inventory scan?



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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi, no it isn't possible to do that with the scanner. However it is already set as a low priority process so it should give way to other processes that need the power. If it was at that level and the CPU itself was near 100% I'd be concerned.


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            phoffmann SupportEmployee
            • Why do you need to run inventory every 3 hours? It'd help to understand that a bit for one. Many folks run inventory out of hours so as not to impact their users.


            • Check your AV and whether you're doing something called "Process Level Scanning" with it. Instead of "just scanning LDISCN32.EXE for bad stuff" and then letting it run, process level scannig scans LDISCN32.EXE and *EVERYTHING* that we touch (so "essentially - the entire hard drive"). Different AV solutions have a different name for it, but the concept is there ... so check with your AV guys.


            • (Friendly hint - make sure that both vulscan.exe & ldiscn32.exe are on the "don't process-level-scan" list ... )


            • You could always run PROCMON (from SysInternals) to see what we're trying to access at the time (be sure to include child-processes, as LDISCN32.exe does launch a few) ... possible that there's a few things that could cause us to spin the wheels (not often, but it can happen). If there's other stuff happening with the disk for argument's sake and so on as well ... LDISCN32 is usually pretty gentle ... so you may want to check those avenues first.


            Depending on what version you're on - check about updates? There's no version in your screenshots, so no idea how out / in-date you are, but could be something that was fixed potentially?


            Hope that helps.