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    Mixed AD Windows 2008 / Windows 2012 R2 / DFS issue's when working with Windows Filedirector client on Windows 7


      Dear readers,


      At this time I am facing issue's getting to Filedirector appliance and it's client to work properly on Windows 7 Pro computers.

      With Apple it seems all  file.


      The shares are both direct paths or folders within DFS.

      The Windows Active Directory is hosted on a mix of Windows 2008/R2 and Windows 2012/R2 on Netapp and Dell storage.

      (still in de process of mirgrating to Windows 2012 R2 only)


      When FiledDrector is used via a browser both on Apple as WIndows 7 all shares are availale and accesseble.

      When shares are accessed on Apple with the FileDirector (mac) clients all seems fine and seems fairly stable.

      However when shares are accessed from FileDirector (Win) clients results vary.


      Where Apple Computers can see all shares within it's filedirector client on Windows PC we only see shares which are direct paths but shares offered through DFS folders then results will vary alot.

      Basically even if it works on Windows once it may not work the next day.


      I have had a look at the IP-enties within DNS and these are fine. I have looked at the shares and their respected TLS levels and they are 2.0 or higher.



      How to proceed?